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May 15, 2023 · Security.

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This will create a file named FiddlerRoot. . To add a certificate to the trusted list in a Debian-based distribution,.


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Mar 26, 2019 · Mozilla discovered that the issue could have been prevented if Firefox would use certificates from the Windows Certificate store. If you need to add certificate trust to Chrome or Firefox browsers on Linux, they both use their own internal certificate stores, see the section “Browser Evaluation” of my other article.

Select Computer Account and click Next. I always used the strict ssl-config at Cloudflare without any problems, but since our edge certificate was issued by Google Trust Services (GTS) (changed automatically a few days ago) my website is unreachable because this certificate is not trusted by Chrome and Opera (it still works in Firefox).

Apr 8, 2021 · go to Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> View Certificates.
This will be automatically done if the certificate.
May 15, 2023 · Security.


I use a single (self-signed/created) root ca certificate to create all the onion SSL certificates, because that requires me to distribute only 1 certificate to all the clients/devices.

enabled", true); Save it with. Jul 26, 2018 · How to add a trusted CA certificate to Chrome and Firefox. Then, run: Copy code.

. Note: You may need to check Show physical stores, then under Trusted Root Certification Authorities, click Local Computer. Firefox will now open the about:certificate page with the certificate for the website you're on: The three tabs show, from left to right, the server certificate, the. . The command above does two things: Generates a certificate for the hostname you've. Step 3.

Sep 16, 2015 · For legacy versions, the Firefox installation folder can be retrieved from Windows registry, then go to defaults\pref\ subdirectory and create a new file with the following: /* Allows Firefox reading Windows certificates */ pref ("security.

. more options.

Right-click Trusted Root Authorities, click All Tasks and click Import.

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